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March 2014 Update and some new forgings

So a lot has happened, life death etc… I have moved into a new house and my shop also has moved with me. I am setting it up now and I hope I will start to have time to post more articles. I think a few more culturally based postings will be fun as well.

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Delaminated pure iron.

Delaminated pure iron.

Frau Holle Sickle

Frau Holle Sickle

                                 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA                                                             OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA



New Daggers Knives and Jewelry Gallery.



Many new works of Iron! Some of which are forged from a special source of Iron that has been struck by lightning!

Everything above is basically Iron works.

New HC knives will be posted soon!


Thanks for looking!

Knives And Jewelry Gallery 2012

Jewelry and Athame in 2012.


HC Rebar 40 Grade. Polish/natural finish.


Mjollnir Amulet. Upcycled steel with SP ring.


 HC Railroad Spike Knife

Norse Serpent

Forged Mjollnir With Loop.

Coin Silver Mjollnir with Solid 925 Ring.


These are just a few of the items being produced in my fire between late 2011-2012. Hope you enjoyed the gallry.


Norse West Shop. Tons of New items!