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Nordic Artworks/Update

I just realized I have not posted any of my traditional art works. Obviously not steel but still pieces I am proud of. All are available at my shop!


Also a heads up that I am moving and losing my working space for forging so for the next period of my life I will left to painting and more organic crafting with wood or antlers as apposed to iron. considering getting back into engraving horns as a stop gap for my business. Anyway I am also saving up a down payment for a new car!! so please pass along this promo, I know its shameless promotion but I really really need a more reliable fuel efficient car. I personally feel my art is priced quite fairly.

New Daggers Knives and Jewelry Gallery.



Many new works of Iron! Some of which are forged from a special source of Iron that has been struck by lightning!

Everything above is basically Iron works.

New HC knives will be posted soon!


Thanks for looking!