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New Daggers Knives and Jewelry Gallery.



Many new works of Iron! Some of which are forged from a special source of Iron that has been struck by lightning!

Everything above is basically Iron works.

New HC knives will be posted soon!


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Cold Chiseling Runes Gallery

Katala spelled in Elder Futhark. Chiseled pre hardening.
Typically a Runic engraving on a blade served as a name tag and name of the blade itself . The blade above is named “Katala” it is an Athame or Witches Dagger. If I had the blade for myself  I would have written “Katala”  Hröð owns me” naming the blade and owner. So if your setting out to cut Runes this is a good start for having something in mind when you begin.

Athame: A tool used by a Witch, Sorcerer or Shaman for various energy practices and rituals. Done in Nordic style with chiseled Runic marks.


Recycled Wrought Iron with Visigothic influence. ATHAME.


Wrought Iron Athame with Chiseled Runes.


Wrought Iron Athame with Antler handle.


Recycled Steel: Wroughr iron Athame with brushed finish.Cold chiseled Runes. Heat Steel to orange and allow to cool fully for best result.


Hand stamped Runic engraving. (Cold chiseled in to steel while still soft)

The most important trick to cutting Runes is being very relaxed and realizing that most Runic engraving are very freehand. This is not latin script so please by all means be creative with your engraving and try a nice organic format. It will end up looking truly authentic. Any High carbon steel tool that makes a perfect vertical line will do nicely for chiseling and remember to soften your steel before attempting. Runes are combinations of straight lines for this exact purpose of cutting them into metal, wood and bone.

Viking Iron Work Jewelry Gallery


This gallery features Viking jewelry pieces forged from iron. Iron was a very valuable metal in the Viking age and is still to this day believed to be a holy metal for warding off evil spirits. This makes it the ideal material for jewelry and charms related to repelling evil or negative energy.

Traditional Mjollnir recycled from a steel band.


Small Iron Mjollnir with ring


Traditional iron work Mjollnir


Viking Ormr


Thor's Axe/Hammer inspired by stone age and bronze age concepts of Mjollnir


Pure Iron. Over 100 year old material. Acid etch.


Traditional Mjollnir with ring.


Brushed iron Mjollnir.


Tons of new items!



Athame Gallery and Explanation.


The Athame is a ritual dagger used in various forms of  Witchcraft to cast circles and transfer energy similar to a wand. Like any tool for any job I design my Athame or Witch Daggers for the purpose of energy work and symbolism. Modern wrought iron or 1018 is my prefered material.  The more iron content the better for this use as I am a believer in metaphysics and energy utilization. Pure wrought iron if available is the finest for this type of item because there is no edge on an Athame. The blade shape is symbolic. In ancient Norse culture iron is a holy material of great importance.  A Norse custom of hammering iron nails above the door is believed to guard your home from unwanted spirits or Trolls because they dislike iron.

This gallery contains some of my favorite creative pieces for this purpose.


Hardened iron blade with Runes hand chiseled. handle is mule deer antler. Design on Antler is inspired by bronze age Slavic pottery.

Rams Head With Custom Sawback.

Dragon Spear Athame with Leather vand hemp handle wrap.


Nordic Bronze Age Inspired Athame


Dragon blade, Norse handle and Labradorite accents.


Solid hammer hardened copper. Great energy.

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A Spring Wind Blows in the North of Every Mans Heart.



And so it was destiny to bend steel to my will-Prologue:

 Late winter began to release its frozen claws from the land and the clean fresh air bristled across the still yellow grasses in the foothills. All kind of small green beings had begun the journey to life in the small spaces between the rocks. East I stood far from the shelter of the great mountain near my home but as I stood on the crest of great rolling hills and gazed across mighty stone laden mountains I could see distantly the mountains I call home. Green with fur, pine and snow still laying upon its highest granite monuments. This day was not the day I first laid a hammer to glowing steel but it was the day I forged what was to be the first blade that revealed like a great epiphany that my destiny was to bend iron to my will and with this revelation all manner of wisdom, knowledge, instinct, natural spirit and understanding would be laid before me to take. With every strike of my hammer, careful choice of antler, engraving of ancient sacred symbols this blade took form and came to life, revealing what was possible and that the idea of limits no longer existed.This is not a hobby for me or a source of income. It is destiny and an expression of my beliefs, culture and heritage to share with any and all who care to see what I create. I love art in all forms and appreciate art that truly means something. I am proud to be a part of the new American Art/Artisan, Hand crafted movement. I am a dedicated “Green” artist and I take pride in recycling everything I can to make my art and I will recycle as much as I can as long as the end product does not suffer in quality. Being green also means seeing potential in commonly available resources and not wasting material that has been purchased for projects. No usable steel, copper, wood or antler is wasted. 90% of all antler used is collected by hand in my very own mountains with no harm coming to the environment or herds of deer. The other 10% was acquired from various sources where it would have sat and gone to waste otherwise. Green means sustainable sources, no environmental harm and a working relationship with nature as a part of nature.


 Forþryne !