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Happy Samhain/Winterfylleth!



The difference between Winterfylleth and Samhain (Sowen)

I thought it might be interesting to post in Regard to my last post which wished everyone a happy Samhain (Sowen) and Winterfylleth.

Samhain is a Celtic festival of winter or the beginning of winter on Oktober 31 (Normally) or between the Autumnal Equinox and Winter solstice. It is a day of ancestral remembrance and honoring of the dead marked by many traditions still performed by modern people. I have British/Nordic ancestry so I celebrate it for original meaning . Samhain means generally November and is a festival when the door between all the worlds open and the dead may return and wander among the living. The tradition of mask wearing may begin with trying blend in with the wandering spirits.

Winterfylleth: (Winter Full) is a Germanic festival day marking the beginning of winter. The name is derived from Anglo-Saxon. The month of Oktober is called Winterfylleth. Many of the Winterfylleth traditions are now held within Halloween as a whole as both holidays are now intertwined culturally in modern times. As I said above I have celebrated it in the traditional Northern way for many years and hope you had a great beginning of winter.


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