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GOD JUL TO ALL ( Swedish Good Yule)


Yule or Jul (Wheel) is the most important Nordic Holiday. It is Midwinter and the time when the light fades and the shortest day of the year is upon us. Celebrated on planet earth so long as modern humans have existed. The winter solstice cosmic. This is also the time when Oðin is on the wild hunt and collects the wayward spirits left on earth/mortal plain.

The veil thins yet more since Winterfylleth and the unseen are among us in the nooks and crannies, corners and lofts seldom seen by mans eye. Put your porridge in the attic and carrots out for Sleipnir, it is again that time of year.


From now until January 1st is the Yule, So please in this world of chaos and bitterness find your moments of peace.



Image is partially my work and some photo shop/manipulations. copyright to respective owner of Greenman/Yule Santa. No profit or misuse intended.




2 responses

  1. God Jul Hrothberht!
    Up rose the wild old winter-king, And shook his beard of snow; “I hear the first young hard-bell ring, ‘Tis time for me to go! Northward o’er the icy rocks, Northward o’er the sea, My daughter comes with sunny locks: This land’s too warm for me!” 
    ~Charles Godfrey Leland

    December 21, 2012 at 3:58 pm

    • .

      Hope yours is going well. I just got home from a Yule Feast/Blot =)

      December 22, 2012 at 9:36 am

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