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Outside the box-The new cutting edge. Bushknife Tech.

The Starcke T1.5 Seax

New post!:  its been awhile and I have been thinking of what I wanted to post and I decided to talk a bit about unorthodox knife edges and how they improve or atleast living up your creations. The knife above is a D-2 tool steel Starcke T1-5 Seax or Tactical Seax (Copyright Norsewest Industries 2011) The knife has a rather radical cutting edge in that is has only one bevel and the opposite side is flat ground. This allows the user to maintain the edge almost exclusively with a steel. I myself was skeptical having seen similar ideas in pocket knives with less than stellar results! but when I finished this version 1.0 prototype I was shocked how proficient the edge was and how truly sharp the knife is with a single sided bevel.



As you can see the side 2 shot notes the straight angle with no bevel. By using the Seax design it allows a perfectly straight cutting edge with no awkward to sharpen angles. Combine this with the single side bevel and you have an easily maintained Bushcraft knife with modern and ancient designs. So far this design has managed to make mince meat out of 3/4 inch rope, leather, vinyl, fabric and wood with total ease, so I recommend you think more creatively about your edging and have fun experimenting with new angles and applications to your knives.

Experimentation is a good thing in any craft or art form and without bold new directions and ideas no art form can survive. Always have fun and bring your best intentions into the workshop. Hope this inspired some out of the box Knife or any kind of metal crafting. stay tuned for new Starcke and Greenlandr Bush knife experimentations/ideas in design.


Copyright Norsewest industries 2011.




2 responses

  1. nate

    Would you be able to make and ship 6 of these by the end of Nov?

    October 27, 2011 at 9:35 am

    • .

      No, I am sorry I am not accepting commissions at the moment, my shop is in transition and I have a full calendar of work going into 2012 plus my normal day job.
      The original piece is still available in my shop if you go to the link in my About page. Cheers and thanks for the interest.

      October 28, 2011 at 8:16 am

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