The magic and Pure Alchemy of Iron

Athame Gallery and Explanation.


The Athame is a ritual dagger used in various forms of  Witchcraft to cast circles and transfer energy similar to a wand. Like any tool for any job I design my Athame or Witch Daggers for the purpose of energy work and symbolism. Modern wrought iron or 1018 is my prefered material.  The more iron content the better for this use as I am a believer in metaphysics and energy utilization. Pure wrought iron if available is the finest for this type of item because there is no edge on an Athame. The blade shape is symbolic. In ancient Norse culture iron is a holy material of great importance.  A Norse custom of hammering iron nails above the door is believed to guard your home from unwanted spirits or Trolls because they dislike iron.

This gallery contains some of my favorite creative pieces for this purpose.


Hardened iron blade with Runes hand chiseled. handle is mule deer antler. Design on Antler is inspired by bronze age Slavic pottery.

Rams Head With Custom Sawback.

Dragon Spear Athame with Leather vand hemp handle wrap.


Nordic Bronze Age Inspired Athame


Dragon blade, Norse handle and Labradorite accents.


Solid hammer hardened copper. Great energy.

Thanks for looking.

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