The magic and Pure Alchemy of Iron


Hand forged copper serpent.



Copper is a  ductive soft metal found in ore state and in metallic form in nature.

Copper when heated to red is soft and if quenched in cold water it will get soft enough to bend into any shape. (Reverse of iron)

To harden copper you must hammer it and distort its crystal structure. (Hammer hardening)

Copper was the first metal ever discovered and used by human beings.

Copper conducts heat and electricity extremely well.

Copper can be melted and cast. Melting point  1983 (oF)

Copper is highly resistant to corrosion and decay. Some copper axes and swords have been found in usable condition.

Copper can be toxic if used as cookware or utensils everyday but is harmless as jewelry.

Copper jewelry naturally removes excess electrical energy from your body.

Copper Must be softened between hammering to prevent crumbling, splitting and tearing. (wire/barstock)



Vinegar and Salt Patina on Copper.



1. Use one ziplock bag and put a small amount of vinegar and salt in the bag and stir.

2. Coat copper piece in solution and sit in the bag away from the main amount of  liquid.

3. Leave  item for 3-24 hours.

4. Remove and allow to dry fully.

5. Try not to smudge the newly created green patina. Spray seal with 3 coats of a clear coat metal spray sealer.

6.  After the piece has dried fully make sure to check that the green will not easily rub off on your skin or clothing.


Thanks for checking out my metal smithing blog. I hope this helps with your copper projects.



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