The magic and Pure Alchemy of Iron

A Spring Wind Blows in the North of Every Mans Heart.



And so it was destiny to bend steel to my will-Prologue:

 Late winter began to release its frozen claws from the land and the clean fresh air bristled across the still yellow grasses in the foothills. All kind of small green beings had begun the journey to life in the small spaces between the rocks. East I stood far from the shelter of the great mountain near my home but as I stood on the crest of great rolling hills and gazed across mighty stone laden mountains I could see distantly the mountains I call home. Green with fur, pine and snow still laying upon its highest granite monuments. This day was not the day I first laid a hammer to glowing steel but it was the day I forged what was to be the first blade that revealed like a great epiphany that my destiny was to bend iron to my will and with this revelation all manner of wisdom, knowledge, instinct, natural spirit and understanding would be laid before me to take. With every strike of my hammer, careful choice of antler, engraving of ancient sacred symbols this blade took form and came to life, revealing what was possible and that the idea of limits no longer existed.This is not a hobby for me or a source of income. It is destiny and an expression of my beliefs, culture and heritage to share with any and all who care to see what I create. I love art in all forms and appreciate art that truly means something. I am proud to be a part of the new American Art/Artisan, Hand crafted movement. I am a dedicated “Green” artist and I take pride in recycling everything I can to make my art and I will recycle as much as I can as long as the end product does not suffer in quality. Being green also means seeing potential in commonly available resources and not wasting material that has been purchased for projects. No usable steel, copper, wood or antler is wasted. 90% of all antler used is collected by hand in my very own mountains with no harm coming to the environment or herds of deer. The other 10% was acquired from various sources where it would have sat and gone to waste otherwise. Green means sustainable sources, no environmental harm and a working relationship with nature as a part of nature.


 Forþryne !



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